As a small business owner, you understand that to “Keep the ball rolling,” you need prospects. You understand that having a presence online is mandatory for every business. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend carefully crafting a beautiful and functional site. Without visitors it may as well be just another website on the net.

Starting a blog is a simple way to give your business a voice. It can give your audience a glimpse into your business while also promoting your products and services. Blogging expands circles of influence for small business. The best way to get the most out of your business blog is to take action and responsibility for marketing your product and services online consistently.

With a blog, you can manage your reputation and control – to some extent – how your business is portrayed online.

Blogging can offer any business a relatively simple way to increase page views, build authority in their niche and connect with new and existing customers, all while promoting and reinforcing business brand.


Personal experience

I’ve been blogging for as long as I’ve been working. I started blogging shortly after I graduated from college and I’ve never stopped ever since. Immediately I set about learning all that I could about blogging, SEO, and how to build an audience. It wasn’t an easy process. I learned some terrible blogging habits along the way but I also found that there was so much help out there if you knew where to look.

A business blog allows you to: Create your own platform to raise product awareness, and generate leads by becoming the obvious solution to your customer’s problem. Such as creating a collection of photos, videos, and links to online resources that help to speed up your prospect’s decision making process and share information that illustrates a unique selling proposition offered by your company. Grab the attention of your customer when they need you the most, and a well written small business blog will do just that.

You can also put together a more effective package and control the quality of the content. Blog posts help you rank higher in online searches, and you can even address common problems or issues that your customers might face.


Help drive traffic to your website

One of the benefit of blogging is? It helps drive new traffic to your website and works closely with search engines and social media to do that.

Search engines share timely and unique blog posts which makes your business “SEO friendly.” This equates to online credibility and garners trust for a future sale. Posting fresh content to your blog that is relevant to your niche and insightful to your customers can reinforce the idea that you know what you’re talking about and help establish you as an expert in your niche.

Not only will a blog provide your audience with interesting and useful information, it will also increase the number of indexed pages and keyword usage on your site, allowing search engines to rank your site higher in their results.

Social media can also play a strong role on your blog. Providing links to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can encourage readers to share your content, helping you to reach a much wider audience that you would otherwise achieve.


Quality is still important

We’ve witnessed a blogging revolution over the past fifteen years, where individuals have become famous on blogging with a great number of online audience. Many of the thought leaders of our time became well-known because of their blogs. But as more people blog, the quality of blog content is becoming more important — and this is especially true for businesses who are blogging to get found on the internet.


But I don’t have time?

Creating blog content can be time consuming, especially when you aim to command authority in your niche with well-researched posts. One tactic I’ve found very useful is repurposing your blog content. Take a look at the content you used to write a blog post — the ideas, research, structure, and stats — and using that same information in a different form. You’ll reach a wider audience and engage with people that may not have read your blog the first time. and locate the online audience for your small business. Blogs are cost-effective marketing investments. Every post you publish is a long-term asset that helps build brand awareness and promote your expertise, products and services.

Blogging can save you time and money by cutting back on your print, radio, and TV advertising efforts and putting more emphasis on online marketing strategies can save you a lot of money and time.

Remember blogging was the first (and still the best) form of social media.

A blog is one of the best ways to update customers on your new products or services. Comments allows you to interact with your readers and build relationships with potential and existing customers, increasing the likelihood of new sales.



If your business isn’t blogging yet, you’re missing out. A blog can dramatically help your business attract new customers. blogging definitely complements your website and adds value to your online presence. It’s time to get started or get left behind. Does your business have a blog? Has it helped increase traffic to your site? Tell us in the comments below.


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