Social media is one of the most popular way for people, companies, and organizations to connect and share. For many business people it’s tough to know how to get started on social media and social sharing. Although it can be scary, it’s worth your time to learn the basics so that you can be more successful in the digital world.


Never before has mankind spent so much time interacting with each other indirectly. Digging up things that only exist in virtual form, and sometimes sharing them further.

The act of sharing on a social media has become another basic form of human interaction which is approved and accepted by all. Whenever people come across a website whose content speaks to them on a personal level, they feel the impending need to share that insight and possibly pass on relevant information within their communities.


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Majority of modern websites display a set of social sharing buttons, meant to ease their user experience for social sharing. Yet, there’s more to those buttons than meets the eye. Website owner are fully aware that spreading word about a site makes it more popular, and thus generates plenty of traffic.

The traffic generated can actually compete with the one brought about via search engines.


For startups and small businesses, gaining traction on social media may appear tense with difficulties. We all know that Social media takes time and energy, which are precious resources. Set yourself up for success by starting with a manageable load. We suggest you choose one or two platforms to start with.


At nCorde we take the time to research and identify opportunities and produce campaign messages that engage your target demographic, encouraging shares and likes. 


Include Social Sharing links on your website

Social sharing links are those small, clickable social media icons displaying on the pages of blog posts, and other webpages. When a viewer clicks on one, he or she is sent straight to a social media site with an update pre-populated with your content.

This would encourage your readers to bring in other readers. If you’re a small business owner, then you will enjoy recognizing the incredible value of a using these tools.

By providing social sharing buttons on a website will encourage your visitor to share.

It’s important to realize that many social media channels connect to each other. Images posted on Instagram can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Just be careful of posting the same content on every channel possible, Some of your content will be appropriate for all channels, some will not. I would never post the same content on LinkedIn as I would on Facebook but I would post it all on Twitter.



With so many social media sharing opportunities online, it can be a little overwhelming. Be sure to start small—don’t try to tackle every channel at once. Pick one where you have friends and colleagues to connect with or one that is particularly important for your business goal, and use that social channel for a few weeks or months before starting another.


What do you think? What tools do you use to reach your target audience? Share your thoughts and suggestions below.



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