Online Marketing Strategy

nCorde provides a successful web marketing strategy. A smart and direct on-line marketing and web development strategy is a must for every business wanting their brand to reach their target audience.

Linking and advertising

You can advertise to build traffic to your site through having links at a variety of places. We specialize in Internet marketing and advertising and will figure out a best plan for you.You might want to target local leads or more global approach, depending on your business and marketing goals.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the biggie in internet marketing. To get more visits to your website, and thereby your company, you need to be on the fist page of any search engine. There are a few different types of SEO marketing to help increase your visibility online. When you have a new website, it is hard to get high ranking right away. Having strong content on your site and using keywords in key locations will help it be found by the search engines, raising its ratings. The more traffic your site gets, and the more places it is linked to, the better your site will rank.

Social media

Social media is also an important part of any Internet marketing campaign, and it can be free. The basic element is just to have a page on all the popular sites, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can engage with your customers and clients, and let them share your page with others. However, you can also utilize these sites for advertising, placing ads and the like.

Content marketing

Content marketing involves writing blogs and articles with a keyword that links back to your site. You can post these articles and blogs on a variety of sites that accept guest posts, and you should also have a strong blog on our own site. People who are already interested in a particular topic will read your article and click on the link, finding their way back to your site. The more sites you have linking back to your site, the higher ranking it will become in search engines, especially if you use sites that are highly ranked themselves.

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