We live in an amazing time in history. The advances in the technology is made  possible to run a good part of your work life without even leaving your home. We can move faster than our legs can carry us, learn more than ever, and do more than ever that has been done before.

There is a price to be paid for in this extra convenience.


We have used the advances in modern technology not to make our lives easier but to make us feeling depressed then ever.

Life is really very good, but we forget sometimes that we have choices at every step of the way. We have the choice to act or react. We have the choice of perspective. We have the choice of stepping back, taking a deep breath, and then moving forward deliberately.
It is easier now than ever to forget that you are a human being and not a production factories. Its easier now than ever to lose track of things more important than your social media update.

We have the choice of creating, with the power of our mind, how we want the story of our lives to go.

Life is very short, and it is very beautiful but only if we choose to see it as such. Do you really want to waste the limited time we have on this planet by dwelling on something that happened in the past, which is no longer real? Or choosing with deliberate intention to live life fully, to appreciate the everyday miracles we once took for granted, to focus on things that makes us happy and fulfilled.


I’ve listed out these little reminders for you to browse through and check every now and then.

  1.  Nobody starts off on top –  All of the great people in the world had to prove themselves to someone. Every single one of them had to learn how to do what they did with an extreme excellence. They tried to be the best in what they did. but that started with the beginner steps. There is nothing shameful about starting off not knowing what you are doing. Every body starts that way.
  2. Creative Engagement – Take up a hobby that draws on your creativity. Things such as: writing, reading, drawing, sports etc. For me, activities that make me feel creative are: writing, designing web pages, and photography. Even if you don’t think you’re good at it, do it if it makes you feel happy and creative. That’s my point: that how you will feel good about your live.
  3. All great achievements started as a little dream – You see and hear of people doing such great things all the time, but it’s really easy to forget that all of those great things had to start as someone’s little dream. So don’t sell your own little dream short.
  4. People are not your enemies; but their false ideas are –  We are directed primarily by our thoughts of who we are, what the world is, what the world must be, and what we should do about it. Each person acts so. So before you decide that another human being is the cause of all turmoil on the planet take a moment to look at the ideas behind the action. A better solution when presented properly will disarm the ideas that lead to harmful actions.
  5.  Take time to love yourself –  Take time to get to know yourself.
  6. You don’t know what you can really do –  You are growing ever day. Even if you have tried something and failed now you have learned another way to not do that. The only way to know what you can really do, is to test it on a regular basis.
  7. Inspirational book reading –  reading something that makes you feel empowered, inspired and motivated is not only a positive boost to your psyche, but also reminds you of the magnificence of your Being, and how powerful you are in the creative design of your life. If you find something that inspires you, come back and revisit it regularly.
  8. Nobody really wants to be evil –  Despite propaganda news to the contrary the majority of people in this world are just trying to live the best life they know how. It really is okay to trust people. There’s a lot more to be gained through this than is to be lost in the long run.
  9. Your loved ones – Expose yourself to people that makes you feel good and leave you feeling energized, instead of deleted.
  10. Start you day in a positive way –  First thing in the morning, drink a fresh glass of water, do some deep breathing, and then stretch your body out (yoga poses if possible, but optional).
  11. This world is beautiful – Look around the on the beauty of this world. From the man made structures that took such ingenuity to the majesty of nature herself, the precision and mystery behind existence itself makes the world an incredible place to live in.
  12. It rains and shines on everybody at some point –  When the hard times hit don’t take it personally, and be weary of judging others according to their circumstance.
  13. If you are alive, you are still young – All the people who I have known who have lived dynamic lives, no matter their age all have this attitude of “I am young and dumb till the day I die, and if I ever forget it I’m asking for trouble.” It kept them learning, and it kept them from using age as an excuse.
  14. We all mess up sometimes –  Some things you just have to learn the hard way, it’s not fun, but so long as you learn it’s worth it.
  15. You never know what will change someone’s life – So show everyone kindness and speak truth when possible. Invite them to come and remind them of evil.
  16. Most of what we stress about is imaginary –  Those what if questions that plague your mind are distracting you from the question you need to be asking. Rather than what if? ask what is?
  17. You are enough. Just as you are, you are good –  You are enough to meet the challenges of your life, and you are enough to go after your dreams. Raise yourself up so that you can remind others that they are enough too.
  18. This moment is sacred –  I kid you not that right now is the only moment you have, you are not guaranteed a tomorrow and your past is just memories now. You are not only alive, but a part of this incredible universe. There is not one moment more sacred than another as there is only one moment to be in. That would be now.
  19. Live by your values; not the crowds –  Even if everyone else thinks its right to do something if your own conscience tells you not to do it, than don’t. It will make you both more honest, and happy.
  20. Worrying doesn’t help – Not only are worries most of the time not real, but we actually put our health in danger at the same time making mistakes more likely.
  21. Love is not a feeling, its a way of life –  If you want to be loving, than choose loving behaviors. Don’t just pick a few people, love as many people as you can, and call out the most lovable features in all of them.
  22. Take risks in life –  Try to start something new. Get a different choice off of the menu. To live you must grow; to grow you need risk.
  23. We all need to be reminded of the good sometimes –  It is far too easy to forget that the vast majority of people are good and trustworthy, and that as a whole this world is beautiful. Send a reminder when you can.
  24. Smile often – This relaxes the body and improves your mood. It can also make someone else’s day.
  25. You do not need permission to be happy – Do what you need to and choose to be happy. Being miserable will help no one. This world needs all the happiness we can show.
  26. Spiritual life is very important – Take time to do something that you find sacred. Connect with the creator of the heaven and the earth.
  27. Other’s do not define who you are – You define who you are in every choice you make. So if someone doesn’t see what you’re made of yet, don’t worry about it. Just work on living an example.
  28. Take things one step at a time –  I know there is a lot to do. You can only do so much though. Rather than try to do everything at once pick one step and focus on that completely. When you’ve finished with that than pick another. “One grain of sand at a time one task at a time”
  29. You never know what will change your life – Showing kindness, and moving out of your comfort zone could connect you with something that could make you happier than you ever were before. Keep an open eye for what you can learn.
  30. There are still new opportunities to see – As much as the human race has done, and as far as we have come, we are not done growing. Pursue your ideas, pursue your dreams, even if they don’t catch on the ideas that take us in to the future are going to have to start somewhere.
  31. Be patient with others –  They are trying to live life the best they know how. Besides the impatience hurts you more than it hurts them.
  32. Someone has to start the change – Why shouldn’t it be you? Look at what type of person this world needs, and than commit with all your strength to be that person.
  33. Remind others that they are worth something –  There is not one of us who does not have something to offer, but we all need reminders that we can change the world, otherwise we’ll just get tired. A good way to start this trend is to make it a point to give those reminders yourself.
  34. Focus on What Makes You Happy – Shift your focus towards things that make you feel good. What memories or thoughts make you smile, or feel good when you think about them? Use this memory as an anchor to shift your focus towards something more positive when you need it.
  35. There is no excuse to not be amazing – It doesn’t matter what you are doing, you can set your own standards on how it is done. You are the one who sets the standards for your life.
  36. Without struggle their is no achievement – Remember this when you face hard times. Difficulty and struggle is not your undoing but rather you’re opportunity.
  37. It is going to be okay – Chaos is what we see when we can’t see the full picture. There is always something that will work its way out. Just be patient, and this too shall pass.
  38. Don’t give up – If you have a beautiful dream than go after it, even if you don’t achieve your dream you could be the inspiration for someone to achieve theirs.
  39.  Be patient with yourself – Learning takes time, growing takes time, changes worth making take time. Being impatient with yourself will only get you frustrated and make it harder to do what you are fully capable of. Just give yourself time.
  40. Last thing before sleep – give gratitude for everything you are thankful for, starting with your body and your breath.

Whenever you are feeling cranky or sad, remind yourself to take a long deep breath.

Just to remind you for the last time Life is very short, and it is very beautiful – but only if we choose to see it that way .



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