Whether you are a career driven professional or a small business owner, every single individual is bound by the restriction of time. Have you ever thought that by simply rearranging your daily tasks and making some life changes you could increase your productivity, get more done and enjoy yourself more?

The good news is that there are several ways to regain control of your time.

Most of you are probably organized in life to some extent. Most of you probably have a to-do lists and calendars where you add tasks that need to be done and tick them off once they’re completed.
In this post, I’ll show you how to get more from your business work and more time for yourself.


Develop a Suitable Sleeping Pattern

The quality of you day depends on the quality of your sleep the night before.

The key to daily productivity starts the night before, as a suitable pattern of sleep sets the tone for a productive day. According to some psychologist, the best way to achieve this is to shift your sleep cycle in fifteen minute increments to determine a viable routine that can be easily sustained. So if you would like to get up earlier without encountering feelings of fatigue, begin to wake up fifteen minutes earlier for a 3-4 day period to ensure that your body adjusts effectively. You can then repeat this cycle until you are comfortable and have developed a sleep cycle that enables you to begin the day at the optimum time.


Arrange your to do’s Based on their Importance, Location & fun

It is really important to arrange the items in your task list based on their importance. You wouldn’t want to finish ten tasks, only to realize you’re tired and worn out and there’s one last important task you simply cannot finish in time. The main reason that you may not be getting enough done is not your time. It’s your to-do list. If you find yourself constantly overwhelmed by the items on it, it usually means that they’re not broken down into small enough tasks. That means that your tasks, rather than your time, are the thing that need managing.

Prioritization benefits your time management by first highlighting to you what needs your attention first.
By arranging the tasks in the to-do list based on their importance, you know that each day you’ll start with the most important ones. Even if there’s an emergency in the middle of the day, chances are that the most important tasks due today or in the next few days are completed, and you can stop working and go where you’re needed.
Doing this will allow you to handle your business accordingly, and no matter what challenges you, you will always be professional in delivering on time.

If you are able to complete a high volume of tasks in a single location and within a specified period of time, you can create a more efficient schedule that is focused on accomplishing goals rather than travelling from place to place

After you’ve arranged your tasks based on their importance, it is wise to rearrange some of them based on their complexity. By doing so, you put the complex tasks at the start of the day when you’re fresh and kicking at full speed. This way, when it’s past noon, all the tasks you are likely to have on your to-do list are easy, simple, unimportant tasks that don’t require extreme caution.


Always deliver high quality solutions without stressing out about it. The quality of your work will be easily preserved.


Getting a bunch of things done at the same time is always faster than doing one thing at a time. If there’s something you can batch and get out of the way in one single group, do it.
By now, you’ve made sure that your daily tasks are arranged so that you finish the difficult, important ones first, and leave the rest for the end of your day. However, by noon or definitely by the end of the day, you’ll be somewhat tired to an extent that you’re looking at the time every five minutes.
You can improve how you end your day by simply placing tasks you love to do at the end of the day.


Take A 20-Min Power Nap

Taking a short power nap during the day when you are really down is in fact a scientifically proven technique that helps to provide a burst of alertness and increased motor performance when it is most required, which in turns means that you become more productive over the course of an entire day without the need for artificial stimulants such as caffeine.

This takes us to the last point I want to share with you. The food that you eat is also an important consideration, whether you are planning a mid-morning snack or lunch. Food habits are easily compromised when we have a busy schedule, as we are inclined to grab a sugar-laden snack or a fast-food lunch to provide a quick and unsustainable burst of energy. Not only does the productive use of time rely on your ability to spread your calorie intake evenly throughout the course of the day, but it is also necessary to ensure that you eat just the right amount at lunchtime.


Round Up

Of course, there are probably many other ways you could get more done. Here I’m just sharing some ideas that work really well for me.

How do you arrange tasks to make sure that you get the most done?



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